May i kiss you on your mouth?

Wo: ganz woanders!
Wann:04.07.19 um 18:00 Uhr
Kurz:consent workshop with blu

Consent is a method to communicate needs, boundaries and wishes while
having sex, but also a method for your non-sexual life.

During this workshop we will playful (role play) and practical come
close to the topic consent (sexual consent) and deal with the following
questions: What does consent actually mean? How can i do consent? How
can i give space for honest questions and answers? How can i dare to
ask? What are the positive and negative aspects of consent? How is
consent connected to power relations?

Open to all genders.

on blu: [4] , fb: [5]queer_topia

Time: 18:00 to 22:00

Location: Bismarckstraße 106