Comfort [uk] + Femme [HB]

Wann:09.12.19 um 20:00 Uhr

“It took me most of my life to forgive myself for who I am.
A story I am expected to offer up to strangers as if they’re asking me what I ate for lunch yesterday. “How do you know you’re a woman”
How I used to wish for years I wasn’t.
Denial taking root deep within me nourished on the violence and shaming I experienced throughout my life.
The worst part is that those of us who are simply alive and being ourselves are the lucky ones.
All standards are falsehoods
I am no less a woman than a cis-gendered runway model
I am debated as if my existence is deniable,
everyone has an opinion
and it’s valid on the BBC to the Daily Mail and the Guardian
Protecting women by shutting us out
Let them think i look like a man
Let them think I sound like one
Let them think I am mentally deluded
I am cultivating in the cracks of their disgust
I have nothing to live for but myself My womanhood needs no permission
Our music is for the people who don’t make it
the people who don’t feel safe enough to live it
the people who will be
the people who are
We deserve our beauty
And the world will catch up to us”

Comfort are a radical punk band based in Glasgow, creating genre defying protest music for the modern age. We are Natalie (She/Her) and Sean (He/Him). Our music takes strength from vulnerability, finding joy in rage and defiance through weakness. We combine subtly evolving drum beats, with high energy vocals and intense manipulated synthesizers. Opting for a minimal approach, our music is a direct communication, a direct challenge of social norms. We share in the ethos that music should be no non-nonsense, have something to stand for and present nothing but outright honesty.