Geht früher los!!!! WERLY & Suit Side vs Veda Plight

Wo: Wagenplatz Querlenker
Wann:28.10.17 um 19:30 Uhr

Wegen dem Konzert inner Friese bitten wir Heute um frühzeitiges Erscheinen. Dann sollte es klappen auf beiden Hochzeiten zu tanzen.
Also um 20Uhr PÜNKTLICH gehts los!!!

Another f***ing Punk Conzert with:

WERLY has been existing in this line up since summer 2014 and was
built on the ashes of LIFE IS DAMAGE. Ryton is on the drums, Sam and
Vinnie on guitars, bass, vocals (both are from SUITSIDE VS VEDA
Lyrics are sometimes funny, sometimes badly talking about situations
of life instead of global problems. Music is decidedly punk with
crusty touches, exploring out of structures and noisy themes.
They put our their first LP in 2017 called “ Drown into Vomit”

Suit Side vs Veda Plight is an anarcho-punk from band from hellgium
since 2004. Their lyrics are pretty commited. Music style is sometimes
a bit crazy but most of the time close to english HxC punk.
They started as 2piece band with drum machine and made their first
tour in 2007 in France, then 2010 in France again. They recorded at
home 3 demos within this period. In january 2011 they went in Brazil
touring, that’s where they met Zorel (ex Execradores, Diskontroll,
Peligro,Contraste Bizarro etc). In 2014 Zorel had the crazy idea to
come to Europe and play drums for them (instead of the drum machine
and make a tour for the occasion in Belgium, France, Holland, Germany
and Switzerland. The result was much better with a human drum. Sam and
Vinnie went back to Brazil in the beginnig of 2015 and played 11 gigs
In july 2016 they recorded their fisrt LP with Zorel on drums and they’re now looking for labels to put it out.
Since end of december, Gerald (ex Le Prince
Harry) joined them on human drums. The album should be out this year.

Das Ganze findet in unserer Kneipe statt. Schlechtes Wetter ist also kein Grund diesem außerordentlichem Ereignis fern zu bleiben!