Purple X

Wo:JuZ Friesenstraße
Wann:25.01.18 um 20:00 Uhr
Kurz:Hypnotic GLOOMY Punk

Purple X (Oslo)
Over the last couple of years, the Oslo hardcore scene has slowly seen a reincarnation under the banners of bands like TERRORSTAT, KNUSTERUTER, DARKTIMES and BLOODSUCKERS. The dungeondwellers from PURPLE X takes a gloomier, groovier ride to the center of nothing with some of the most interesting hardcore punk to come out of scandinavia in the last years. With crazy tempo changes, howling, tormented vocals and fuzzy, dirty guitar licks in the veins of bands like CRAZY SPIRIT; PURPLE X carries on the torch of what Oslo hardcore punk is to become . Purple X marks the spot!