Wann:20.01.18 um 19:00 Uhr
Kurz:Dokumentarfilm, 2005, USA, OmU

WHO IS BOZO TEXINO?” Dokumentarfilm, 2005, Regie Bill Daniel (USA),
in englischer Sprache.

Der Dokumentarfilm widmet sich dem mysteriösen Geheimnis um den gu?terzugreisenden Bozo-Texino und die
Hobo-Szene in Amerika.

“This spectacular travel adventure faithfully photographed in realistic black and white film at considerable risk from speeding freight trains an in secret hobo jungles in the dogged pursuit of the impossibly convoluted story of the heretofore unthold history of the century-old folkloric practice of hobo and railworker graffiti and the absurd quest for the true identity of railroadings greatest artist will likely amuse and confound you in its sincere attemt to understand and preserve tis artform.”